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Type 8 New Bud Bleach Straight Minimalist - 8 Stems

Type 8 New Bud Bleach Straight Minimalist - 8 Stems 

  • Available in sets of 8
  • Colour: Bleached, tone is golden
  • Depending on how each stem absorbs the bleach, the bleach white tones of our Pampas Grass can range from a golden white. Please message us with any questions or concerns.
  • Our plumes range from 3.6-4 feet high. Keep in mind these were living plants, and all differ; therefore, some plumes grow longer than others. 

  • Utilize our luxurious Type 8 Bleach White Pampas Grass in your home or office by styling plumes in one of our oceanic Malibu vases for a little piece of vacation in the comfort of your home.   
  • Type 8 is very similar to UVA stock. It has very piecey pieces that drop to the side. The plumes are feathery and dry feeling.
    • Blow-dry on a low heat and power setting to smooth out the plumes. 
    • Once dried, the plumes are not the same texture as a normal dried flower, similar to a feather, and are less likely to break.

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