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Wedding Promo Bundle

$151.00 $163.00

Item details:

Included is a mixture of stunning dried flowers and dried grass that can be transformed into lovely arrangements used for your wedding or event decor. Or have fun creating beautiful DIY dried flower arrangements for your home.

Included items are:

  • Penelopes (Approx. 5-6 stems)
  • Nigella Bleached White (Approx. 20 stems) 
  • Craspedia Bleached White (Approx. 18-20 stems) 
  • Solidago Bleached White (Approx. 60 stems)
  • Pearl Grass Bleached White (Approx. 9 stems) 
  • Mini Star Flowers (Approx. 125 stems) 

Colour: shades of white, cream, off white


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Please Note: these items are fragile; handle them with care.

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