Eucalyptus Exotica- Charcoal Blue

Eucalyptus Exotica
Sets: 45-gram bundle  
Colour: Blue Green- Deep charcoal colour that has a slight navy hue. 
Dimension: 50-55 cm
Use:  You may be used to seeing the coined leaves of eucalyptus; this is a different preserved varietal of Eucalyptus foliage. These leaves are pointed instead of the traditional coined leaves. It makes for a great decoration in a statement vase or adds a luxurious element to any bouquet.
Story: Most species of Eucalyptus are found in Australia. Fun fact: about three-quarters of Australian forests are eucalypt forests. 
  • Keep in mind this is an actual preserved item; ensure these are handled with care. Take your time when styling these pieces, as the stems can be delicate. If you are new to preserved items, please check out our blog post on preserved vs. dried florals. 
  • All our dried floral and pampas come scented with our signature pampas spray that is launching soon. If you prefer to have your items unscented, please connect by email.
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