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Save on Pampas Grass for your Wedding & Event 2021


Is a wedding or special event in the future for you? Are you looking to add some decor pieces to your business or office space? Hello to all my friends interested in placing a larger order of Pampas grass & Dried Florals. We are giving the opportunity for people hosting weddings, large events, or people wanting to place a larger order on our website to take advantage of some discount savings on pampas and dried florals.


Step 1

We would love to connect with you! Contact our care team at with the date of your wedding, inspirational photos, and if possible a budget. 

Step 2

The FUN part! Our care team will work with you to find the best products for your event. They will discuss your vision with you and what they think will work best. We will then confirm that we are able to process your order in a timely manner for your event.  We do require a 8 week notice for special event orders. 

Step 3

The incentive!  -Orders valued at $500-$1000,  placed 8 weeks in advance and you will receive 15% off. -Orders valued at $1000 or more,  placed 8 weeks in advance and you will receive 20% off.

Step 4 

You order is placed and you are able to sit back relax and wait for your order to arrive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my pampas grass last?

Our pampas grass and dried florals can last up to two years, if taken care of properly. 

do I leave my order in the packaging it came in?

Yes, we recommend to leave your order in the original packaging until about two weeks before your wedding. Doing this will help protect them from breaking, or getting damaged. 

What do i do with my pampas before the event?

If you have kept your pampas in the original packaging, take them 2 weeks prior to your event. Let them naturally fluff up on their own and if you feel you need to add a little fluffiness you can lightly blow dry them. 

Should I hair spray my pampas?

We recommend not hair spraying your pampas as the shedding is a natural occurrance. You can lightly shake out the pampas to help get rid of parts of the plume that are shedding off.  

How far in advance should I order?

We require 8 weeks to have the discount applied to your order, but if you are less than that we will always try our best to 

What is the best pampas to use?

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top products for weddings

Bleached White-Type 1 

Faux Pampas 

Bleached White Promo Pack 

Type 6 Pampas Grass 

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