Luxe B- Behind the Scenes Joshua Tree

Luxe B- Behind the Scenes Joshua Tree

Hey everyone!  Check out the behind the scenes footage of our first remote shoot for LUXE B PAMPAS GRASS. 

We had these made with the recycled glass that we didn’t use for our signature vase, the Malibu. We have them in 4 colors: light pink, frosted white, black and green. We love wrapping them around the top of our Malibu vase or even our signature smaller vase, our Mojave. It adds a great pop of color and another design element. They do add that certain je ne sais quoi!

We air bnb’d the most perfect, little bohemian cottage set in the middle of the Mojave Desert and this beautiful landscape made the perfect canvas to shoot our plumes. Joshua tree is a dream, truly a unique landscape and it’s one of those places that embraces that bohemian lifestyle. We had the opportunity to showcase some of my personal fave variations of luxe b pampas grass: type 1, type 2 and type 2 small. Type 1 is the most luxurious of our pampas grass. It gives that feather-like appeal. Type 2 can be bought in a few different variations. Showcased in this video you see type 2 bleach and type 2 natural. This variation is truly stunning featured in weddings. We have seen our type 2 displayed in wedding archways and it really does give that wow factor! Type 2 small is gorgeous, the plumes are super airy and looks strikingly beautiful in a vase. Together these 3 variations make one drop dead gorgeous arrangement! Super natural and perfect in any space! They really do compliment each other and styled together, they make an impressive boho vibe arrangement!

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