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Dried florals! We seriously can't get enough dried florals at Luxe B. You may be new to dried florals but we have been seeing this trend blown up all over Pinterest featured in ideas for home decor or special events. We decided we would dedicate this blog post to one of our favourite topics at Luxe B, DIY dried florals! We have thoughtfully sourced our florals from some of the best producers worldwide. Our dried florals come in from every corner of the globe, including Australia, South Africa, Japan to name a few.

We love the exotic flare that each piece brings to the table. If you are new to dried florals, drying flowers has been a practice used for generations. My father is french and resides in France. I remember seeing hanging arrangements in my relatives' kitchens when I was a kid. This was a super popular thing to do with wildflowers gathered along the shoreline after they had just started to wilt. If you love something, why not turn it into an “everlasting arrangement”? 

We speak often about this, dried florals will last up to 2 years and sometimes longer. It truly depends on the environment you live in and if you keep them out of direct sunlight. We suggest keeping them out of environments with a lot of moisture. They don’t require much maintenance as they don’t need water or flower food. A light dusting is recommended from time to time. 

Our most popular base for our dried florals has always been a fan favourite. This would be our promo pack. This pack includes 3 of our favourite shorter pieces of grass and looks beautifully blended into a perfect tabletop arrangement or even bridal bouquet. We have incorporated this piece into many of our exclusive arrangements over these past 2 years as this piece is truly so versatile. I will link a video on how to style this item:

When choosing the items we curated for our shop, we thought long and hard about what would style well together. We thought about colour schemes, home decor & event inspiration, and what colours complement each other.  We carry a variety of white, natural, and some gorgeous pops of colour. Most of our dried florals are around the same height and can be cut or trimmed to complement each other. What we love about our dried florals is that it gives the chance to our customers to add their own creative flair into their arrangements. Why not select a few pieces that you are drawn to and arrange them together. We suggest taking time and care when making your arrangements. When we design our arrangements, we will cut them inch by inch and see how they fall into the vase of our choice. We love seeing people incorporating fresh flowers and dried florals together.  The variety in texture gives a gorgeous dimension to any arrangement. We are seeing this trend more and more in bridal bouquets. We are truly excited to let our customers know that we launched some of our favourite pieces to date. We suggest checking out our website under “NEW ARRIVALS” for these stunning pieces. These dried floral items are some of the best quality items we have received since opening our shop. If you are curious about dried florals, I suggest looking at some of our “Mini bundles”. This is a perfect option for people looking to get their feet wet in dried florals.

These past 2 years have certainly been unpredictable, a lot of people’s event dates have had to change unexpectedly. Dried florals have been a saving grace for many as the longevity of the items lasts longer than fresh florals. If you are considering adding these pieces to your special event but haven’t laid down a concrete date, this might be the perfect option for you.    Using your own creativity is always so rewarding. People are spending more time in their homes and getting great satisfaction in completing projects themselves. Have fun playing around with our pieces and trying them in different corners of your home. Better yet, order a few pieces and have fun making arrangements with a couple of friends. This is a wonderful idea for doing something different for a bridal shower or just a night of wine & fun with friends.   Like always, my care team welcomes any questions! Please feel free to reach out directly to     With gratitude,      Madeleine

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